Anger Management Therapy at Red Cedar

Anger is a powerful, emotional response that stems from underlying issues of disappointment, frustration, pain, fear, and stress. When these emotions become too difficult to manage, we can often lash out in anger at family, friends, co-workers, or strangers. These outbursts of anger can cause long-lasting damage to meaningful relationships, and can leave us feeling even worse than before with the guilt of hurting others.


Anger management therapy helps individuals to control the way they express anger and frustration by examining the triggers to their anger responses and developing healthy ways to express these strong emotions. Anyone, of any age, can benefit from anger management therapy. From young children to older adults, anger management therapy can help individuals to create a healthy set of skills for managing strong anger emotions as well as the underlying issues that bring about anger. 

You or a loved one might benefit from Anger Management therapy if...
  • You act out in anger and damage relationships or work life

  • Find yourself yelling at drivers on the road

  • Become more upset than the situation would require

  • Feel like your anger is out of your control

Anger management therapy at Red Cedar

Red Cedar Relationship Counseling offers anger management therapy from counselors who are well trained and compassionate. Our anger management counselors help individuals to identify the sources of their anger, learn how to manage these

underlying triggers, and how to better express these emotions.


Our focus is not simply on stopping the anger outbursts, but more on identifying the underlying reasons for the anger to develop changes that are permanent, not temporary.


To learn more about our anger management therapy services or to talk with one of our anger management counselors, call us at 517.301.5011 or send us an email at We are here to answer your questions and support you in your journey towards living a healthier, happier life. 

What is considered "anger?"

Anger is a natural human emotion. Everyone understands what it feels like to be angry and the powerful, physical response that it creates in our body. Increased blood pressure, heart rate, rushed breathing, and a rush of adrenaline are often associated with the feeling of anger, which can result in aggressive behavior.


Anger, as an emotion, is not necessarily a problem. Anger is a natural emotion that all humans feel and is our natural way of responding to situations that could harm us.


However, our response to these emotions is what can be a problem. Responding to anger in non-life threatening situations with violence or rage is something that needs to be examined.

Although it is sometimes difficult to control the actions caused by anger, it is important to learn healthy responses in order to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

Common signs of anger management issues:
  • Health issues, such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and muscle tension

  • Frequent arguing with friends, family, or coworkers

  • Common physical violence, such as hitting, loud shouting, door slamming, etc.

  • Feeling like you have to “hold in” angry feelings

  • Depression or sadness, often caused from the guilt of hurting others

There are many signs of anger management issues, and everyone can experience anger management to varying levels. Even what is considered a small anger management issue can lead to a larger, destructive anger management issue if not dealt with properly.

That’s why anger management therapy is so important for individuals who struggle with controlling their anger. Anger management counselors take time to first get to know the individual, and their specific triggers and struggles with anger management.

Red Cedar Relationship Counseling

Next, they develop an anger management plan with goals and healthy skills for the individual to use in order to better control their response in difficult situations. Identifying the triggers of anger and the signs of the issue allow a person to better take back control of how they react. 

Here at Red Cedar Relationship Counseling, our counselors offer anger management therapy to all individuals struggling to respond to anger in a healthy way. Our counselors are trained professionals with years of experience helping individuals to develop a healthy set of skills in order to respond better to anger and live a happier, healthier life.

The process of anger management therapy is just that, a process. Our counselors walk with individuals step by step, to lead them on the path to discovering a healthier way of living. We understand that it can be scary and daunting to face the challenge of managing your anger, which is why the counselors at Red Cedar Relationship Counseling are committed to providing non judgmental counseling services for every individual.


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