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Life brings challenges, often when we least expect them

Working through these challenges in a healthy way is important to our mental and behavioral health. Some of the most common reasons individuals experience anxiety, depression, anger, or recurrent problems in their relationships is because they haven’t yet worked through a bigger issue that may be difficult to navigate without help. Our counselors at Red Cedar Counseling work with individuals, couples, and families to help them to develop new skills for working through difficulties and new solutions to long-term problems.


We believe that everyone should have access to mental health care.

We don’t try to tell our patients how to live their lives, nor do we judge for any reason. Our goal is to work with each individual to help them find a solution that works best for them and their lifestyle. Our counselors are compassionate and understanding, which is what helps to make Red Cedar Counseling the counseling center that Lansing and surrounding areas can trust.

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Red Cedar Counseling does not judge based on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or any other identities. Our counselors are happy to serve everyone, from all different backgrounds and stories. We’re here to listen and to help, working together with you to create lasting and healthy changes. Our counselors are proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community, those struggling with sexual or gender identity issues, children and adults, singles and families, and everyone in between.



Call Red Cedar Counseling when you need a therapist in Lansing MI. Our counselors offer individual counseling services both in our offices and online, so that you can feel comfortable during your session. Every individual faces challenges in life that can impact their ability to enjoy and engage with each day. Sometimes these challenges are unexpected or too large to handle on our own. Individual counseling allows individuals to talk with a trusted and professional counselor to not only process their emotions but develop practical solutions. Those looking for individual counseling for anger, depression, anxiety, sexuality and LGBT issues, or for recurrent problems in relationships, can trust in the counseling offered by Red Cedar Counseling.

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Having relationships with our family, friends, and significant others is what drives us forward in difficult times and brings us joy. So much of our lives are spent focused on the people closest to us, yet we oftentimes find ourselves struggling to coexist. Resentment, past hurts, fear, stress and more can prevent us from communicating with our family. When these relationships are unhealthy, it often causes stress and tension in other areas of our lives too. Red Cedar Counseling offers family therapy sessions to help strengthen relationships and break down barriers to communication. Our therapists work with families to listen and understand the problems before developing a practical solution for everyone.  We aim to provide non-judgmental and emotionally focused family counseling and for the greater Lansing area.

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Healthy marriages provide strength and resistance against the various stressors in life. Are you and your spouse facing an unexpected, stressful event? Are you struggling to communicate well with one another? Or, are you looking to mend pain caused by one or both of your words or actions? Red Cedar Counseling is sensitive to the complexities of marriage. One of our skilled, empathetic counselors will work with you and your spouse to resolve disagreements and break down communication barriers. You and your spouse deserve the love and support you can provide one another. If you’re looking for marriage counseling in the Okemos area, give us a call.

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The child therapists at Red Cedar Counseling offer trusted and caring child counseling sessions to support your children through difficult situations. Children and teenagers often don’t want to communicate with their parents about the difficulties that are going on in their lives, but their emotions may change and reflect that something isn’t right. Our child counselors are compassionate and develop trust with each child so that they feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly about how they feel. Then we work to help them process their feelings and develop practical strategies for how to walk through their difficulties in a healthy way. We use a variety of different techniques depending on the age of the child, so that they are engaged and comfortable with our child therapists. We communicate closely with the parents or guardians as well so that they are informed about the development of their child. We understand that adolescent and child counseling should be handled with care and compassion, which is the main focus of our child therapists here at Red Cedar Counseling.

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Anger is a strong response that stems from disappointment, frustration, pain, and/or fear. Oftentimes when someone has difficulties controlling their anger response, it’s because there are underlying emotional stressors or situational stressors that haven’t been resolved. Anger management counseling helps people to learn to identify the sources of their anger and how to resolve the underlying reasons. Learning to express anger in a healthier way is essential to anger management counseling, as individuals can often damage personal and professional relationships because of an angry outburst. Anger management therapy at Red Cedars Relationship Counseling helps people to understand the early signs of their anger, and learn to respond to it and control it so that anger does not control them.

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Do you live far from Okemos, Michigan? Are you travelling out of town? Maybe the thought of on-site counseling stresses you out. Maybe you work on a busy schedule. No matter what someone’s reason might be, Red Cedar Counseling is happy to provide telehealth through our online or virtual therapy sessions. Call our office for more information. Please make sure you have a private location without disturbances during your scheduled session. This ensures your privacy, and allows you to get the most out of your session with your counselor.

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