Iris Hsieh

Iris Hsieh


Focus Areas

Anxiety & Depression, Self-exploring, Gender Issues, Relationship, Life transition


Iris is an MSU international student from Taiwan. Before enrolling at MSU, Iris was working in
the banking industry when she accepted career counseling. Inspired by her counselor, she
decided to bring that same feeling to others. In order to make such a life transition, she attended
different workshops and volunteer programs for counseling training. She is currently studying
for her master of rehabilitation counseling and doing her practicum at Red Cedar.

Navigating life’s transitions can be intimidating and filled with uncertainties. As an international
student, Iris herself has faced a similar situation in entering the unknown. She understands the
challenges and stresses of adapting to a new environment and a new country. Taking the first
step can be the hardest, much like seeking assistance in counseling. Iris believes that each
individual has the power to improve their life. She wants to be your companion in exploring all
of your possibilities with you.

Iris has a different lens to see the personal issue because of her diverse cultural background.
She is also interested in gender issues. As a Taiwanese intern counselor, she knows the
difficulties and expectations associated with gender roles as well as the LGBTQ+ community.