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Patrick Walchak, LLMSW

Clinical Therapist

Focus Areas

Areas of Focus: Anxiety & Depression, Grief & Loss, LGBTQ+ issues, Couples Counseling, PTSD, Sexuality (including kink) & Self-esteem/Shame issues


Patrick holds the personal belief that the therapeutic relationship is one that allows the client to thrive and be themselves, however that may look for that individual. He provides an environment where a client is allowed to express themselves – where they are heard and validated. He uses a multi-modal and philosophical approach to provide individuals seeking change the ability to strengthen what abilities they already possess, develop new skills and abilities, and utilize those abilities that an individual may not realize they already have.

Patrick also believes that everyone is capable of growth and movement towards being their ideal self. Too often, people listen to inaccurate and biased messages about themselves, which they believe to be fact. A focus of his work with clients is to help them erase or modify those beliefs and help create an accurate self.

By working collaboratively, Patrick helps his clients develop new action-oriented skills and solutions they can use to learn how to process and move past experiences that cause them distress. He emphasizes building on skills and strengths to help people take action in their life to create solutions that work for them. He also helps people to repair and strengthen their bonds with important people in their lives as an integral component of the therapeutic process. He assists clients in this by helping them develop, understand, and place boundaries; identify maladaptive behaviors and learn how to change them; as well as learning how to reconcile instances where there is no easy or clear cut solution.

Patrick has a Bachelor’s of Psychology and Criminal Justice with a specialization in Film Studies from Michigan State University. He also received his Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Michigan State University.

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11:00 AM - 7:30 PM


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