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Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, and often one of the most challenging. Merging two lives together presents unique challenges with communication that can be difficult to work through alone. Facing challenges together with two varying perspectives can cause difficulties in communication and understanding. Couples counseling is an opportunity for couples to talk in an open and safe space about the challenges they face together, and individually, while discussing with a therapist healthy strategies for handling life’s challenges side-by-side

Red Cedar Relationship Counseling offers couples counseling and marriage counseling services to help couples strengthen their relationship and work through difficulties together. Our counselors are compassionate professionals with years of experience helping couples to not only work through current problems, but also create a healthy skill set for handling difficulties in the future as well. 

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Marriage Counseling

Premartial Counseling

Creating healthy strategies for handling difficulties in a marriage is incredibly important for strengthening a marriage as well as strengthening the family as a whole. Marriage counseling is a great way for married or engaged couples to discuss difficult topics in a safe environment, with the help of a professional counselor to guide the conversation and offer strategies for improved communication. Marriage counseling can be utilized before marriage to create a strong foundation for married life, or after marriage to resolve issues and continue stronger than before. 


Premarital counseling is a type of counseling that helps couples prepare for marriage. Premarital counseling is not only for couples facing difficulties before marriage, but can also be used as a tool to help couples to prepare for a healthy and strong marriage. During premarital counseling, couples will discuss difficult topics with the guidance of a counselor in order to reach a mutual agreement and discuss how to confront potential challenges in a healthy way when they arise during a marriage. Some common topics during premarital counseling include marriage expectations and role beliefs, how to communicate effectively with one another, past experiences and how they could affect your future, as well as finances, sex, or children. Premarital counseling is a great tool for couples to utilize in order to create a strong foundation for a healthy married life.

Postmarital Counseling

Postmarital counseling, often simply referred to as marriage counseling, is also a necessary tool to help married couples strengthen their relationship and their family. Married couples can often forget that the relationship doesn’t stop evolving after being married. Many individuals can stop being intentional about showing love and working to strengthen the relationship.

As life becomes more stressful and a routine sets in, the marriage often becomes a lesser priority behind work, children, and chores. Marriage counseling allows couples to take time to sit down and discuss both what works in the relationship and what needs to change.


Small disagreements can be discussed before they become big disagreements, and individuals can feel safe to discuss emotions and challenges with the help of a counselor. Marriage counseling is a healthy way for couples to continue growing in their relationship and to create skills to handle new challenges as a married couple. 

Couples Counseling at Red Cedar Relationship Counseling

At Red Cedar Relationship Counseling, we understand better than anyone the importance of healthy, fulfilling relationships. We offer married and unmarried couples with professional and compassionate couples counseling services to help them strengthen their relationship. During couples counseling, our counselors work with both partners to teach healthy communication skills, combat repeated arguing issues, and explore how to better express the reasons behind the arguments.


Our couples counseling is emotionally-focused, meaning that our main focus is helping the couple to communicate their feelings better and respond to the emotions of their partner in a more encouraging and loving manner. We emphasize communication skills that are constructive, loving, and practical, so that the couple can use them throughout their entire relationship. 

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