Common Struggles in Therapy

Anxiety is one of the most common struggles in therapy that we work with. Nearly 20% of the population of the United States suffers from anxiety every year. That is over 59 million people per year across the country who struggle to control their thoughts or feelings of anticipation. Many of us keep these struggles to ourselves, and this leads us to feel isolated and that we are the only ones who feel as though everything may be a catastrophe. This is how we can help.

Anxiety involves our minds seeing threats or negative outcomes in all sorts of daily events and this leads to feelings of restlessness, being “on edge”, fear or even panic. One example would be, if someone doesn’t laugh enough at one of our jokes, maybe it means that someone thought the joke was annoying and our friends don’t really. It may involve something not going according to plan and you can’t stop thinking about all the negative ways the situation could turn out. It can even lead us not to work towards our goals because our minds imagine all the ways it won’t work or could go wrong.

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Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety can lead to feeling nervous even when there is no situation to be nervous about! Anxiety can also manifest physically in form of quickened heartbeat, difficulty breathing or feeling as though you can’t get enough air, muscle tension, headaches and sweating. Our worries can seem to take control of our lives and lead to panic, irritability and problems at work, school or at home. Therapy services can help you get control of your worries, slow down your racing thoughts and learn how to put you brain to rest when you go to sleep.

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Dealing with anger

Our clients often describe anger as this feeling that goes from 0-100 in a flash and can lead to serious consequences in our lives. Anger can emerge at home with our partners or children and can lead to strained relationships, negative consequences on our professional lives at work or even to dangerous choices on the road. We have worked with many clients to identify the causes of their anger and to learn how to express it in a way that doesn’t cause problems. If people in your life have told you that your anger is frightening, or you just want to bring this powerful feeling under your control, set up a therapy appointment today.

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Depression can feel like even the common things in our life require heroic levels of effort. This can lead us to pull away from our responsibilities, our hobbies and even our loved ones. When we do that, we often then beat ourselves up over everything we “should” be doing. There is a way out of this state of mind and therapy can help. We can help you re-engage with life and learn how to deal with the Black Dog of Depression to improve your mental health.

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Coping with Changes

Not everything that we work with is related to mental illness. There are times in our lives where are changes that we just don’t know how to handle. This can involve changing your career, the end of a relationship or any other time where a change has left you wondering what to do next. Our counselors can help you identify your path forward and help you build the plan to achieve your goals and stay mentally healthy. Reach out today.


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Problems with your relationship

First, we want you to know that having problems in your relationships is normal. Human relationships are messy! We all bring our own baggage to them from our families, our previous relationships, our friends and the ideas we get of how relationships should be from media. Add that to the baggage that our partners bring to the table and it should be clear why relationships are hard!

We want to help you learn how to navigate all of those different factors, how to communicate clearly and to negotiate the closeness you have with your partner. This can involve learning about how we are miscommunicating and what messages our partners take from our actions; how children and the demands of parenting affect our relationship; and how to get our needs met and meet the needs of our partners. We can do some of this in individual counseling, but major changes often require everyone in the relationship to be involved. Ready to start working towards more fulfilling relationships?

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Where do I fit in?

Not every person comes to see us to help deal with mental illness. Some people look at the world and wonder what their place in it is. Sometimes they ask themselves what all of this means or what their purpose is. With some help, these sorts of questions can lead to amazing self-development and an enhanced ability to cope with life’s challenges. Without that guidance, these questions may lead to feelings of despair, worthlessness or meaninglessness. We would love to help you explore these matters and help improve your mental health.

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Your Child

Our founder originally got into this line of work to help children and teenagers get the most out of life, and we are still dedicated to that mission. Children and teenagers’ struggles tend to manifest as stubbornness, defiance, irritability, pulling away from their families or even physical symptoms like headaches. We can help your children develop the skills to deal with issues like anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem and communicating with you. In addition, we work with the parents and families to improve the skills needed to work with their children to ensure their best possible futures. We can help with your family.

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Sexual and Gender Identities

​First of all, you are welcome here. People with non-normative or queer identities can bring a lot of different things to therapy. We can help you with self-exploration, how to come out to friends and family, or just how to handle being different in a world that doesn’t always appreciate you. You could also be experiencing depression, anxiety or other problems that may relate to your identities or not. Your mental health is important to us, and we would love to help you with your journey and process.

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