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We have therapists that are able to accept the following in-network providers: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, Aetna, UHC, McClaren, ComPsych, Medicare, Tricare, Physician’s Health Plan & SPHN, and many Medicaid options. We are able to bill many other insurances out-of-network, including Cigna, Priority Health, Humana, and many others.

We operate on a sliding fee scale based on your household income. As part of our mission of making mental healthcare available to everyone, we strive to make treatment affordable. When you contact us, our staff will ask for your household income to determine where you are on our scale.

When some people think of counseling, they still imagine the client lying on a couch with the counselor sitting out of sight and asking “How does that make you feel?” That is not how we work. When you attend a session, your counselor will meet you in our reception and waiting area. You and the counselor will go to one of our treatment rooms, sit facing one another and have a conversation for 45-60 minutes (depending on your needs). We will probably never write notes or ask you “How does that make you feel?” during our time together.

Currently, due to COVID-19, all of our counseling is being done through telehealth. At the time of your session, you go to redcedar.doxy.me from your phone, computer or tablet. In these sessions you have a real-time video connection to your therapist from the comfort of your own home, office or other location. Many of our clients have expressed that this new way of doing therapy is great because of the convenience.

The number of counseling sessions you may need to attend will depend on the severity of the issues you are bringing to counseling. We have seen clients for anywhere from three sessions to over a year. We will address your progress throughout the counseling process to make sure we are working towards you no longer needing counseling.

The end of a relationship is a serious matter, and not something we often recommend because it is such a serious decision. We work with couples to find the best solution to their problems. On rare occasions, couples are not able to make the adjustments to improve their relationship or have grown too far apart to come back together. If your counselor believes this to be the case, they will discuss it with you.

Absolutely. There are often times where having someone important in our life participate in a session can be helpful. Some clients want to bring someone with them so they can work on their interpersonal issues. Some clients feel more comfortable with someone they trust sit in sessions with them. Talk with your counselor if you want to bring someone into your sessions.

Your confidentiality is our responsibility. If you are using insurance, we do have to communicate some details of your situation to bill for services in accordance with HIPPA. There are a few situations where we are required by law to break confidentiality: if we suspect any abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult; if you tell us that you are going to harm yourself and refuse any help; or if you tell us that you are going to hurt a specific person. Finally, we must provide progress notes – which are not as detailed as our psychotherapy notes – if we are ordered by a judge. Outside of these specific cases, your counselor will not discuss what you talk about in session.

Almost everyone is uncomfortable discussing things that are personal. Your counselor will work with you to build trust to help you be able to discuss what you’ve come to counseling for. Your counselor is not going to pressure you to discuss anything before you are ready.  If you are uncomfortable, let your counselor know so they can adjust to what you need.

Yes, Red Cedar Counseling and Red Cedar Relationship Counseling are the same practice. We recently changed our name to Red Cedar Counseling because sometimes people would call and ask “Do you do individual counseling?” and we assume for every call we received on this there were many who never called. We wanted to make it clear that we have therapists who see individuals, couples & families.

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