S. Hope Dundas, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Focus Areas

Areas of Focus: HRT, Gender Affirming Care


Compassionate and welcoming family medicine physician assistant with broad experience in management of medications for mental health & related conditions as well as gender-affirming care by informed consent. My approach is trauma informed, sex-positive, body/size affirming, patient-centered, and built on harm reduction. My passion is to serve the LGBTQIA2S* communities, inclusive of all their sexual and gender diversities, and this is what I have built my practice upon.

I can provide care for all ages and am able to provide puberty blockers (GnRH agonists) for gender diverse children and adolescents where appropriate. Together, we tailor treatment to achieve each patient’s unique gender affirmation goals.  I also offer PrEP, PEP, and doxyPEP, and other services to support & uplift sexual health. I look forward to working with all to help them achieve their optimum mental health & gender embodiment goals.


Available Hours:


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Telehealth by Appointment


Telehealth by Appointment


Telehealth by Appointment