Counseling in Williamston MI

Counseling & Therapy in Williamston MI

Here at Red Cedar Counseling, we provide mental health services and therapy to the Williamston community in order to help individuals, couples, and families live healthier lives. We believe that healthy relationships lead to a healthier life, which is why the Red Cedar Counseling team offers relationship counseling to everyone. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for counseling in Williamston MI in person or virtually.



The counselors at Red Cedar provide counseling services to people of all races, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and any other identities. Our therapists are committed to listen and assist every individual in creating lasting, positive changes in their lives. Red Cedar Counseling is proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community, individuals who are struggling with sexual or gender identity issues, children and adults, and singles and families. We are proud to be the mental health clinic that all members of the Williamston, MI community can rely on.

Individual Counseling

Williamston, MI

Life can oftentimes throw us unexpected challenges that make it difficult to focus on enjoying each day. Red Cedar Counseling therapists focus on helping people to work through these challenges in order to better enjoy each day and look forward to the future. Whether on-site in our Okemos, MI office, or online, our relationship counselors help individuals to navigate large life transitions, day-to-day stressors, and unexpected difficulties. Using talk therapy, individuals are guided in making practical solutions to these issues and are provided with a safe space to process emotions. For individuals in Williamston who may be facing depression, anxiety, anger, LGBT identity issues, or ongoing relationship problems, Red Cedar offers individual counseling and acts as their mental health advocate in Williamston, MI. 

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Family Counseling

Williamston, MI

Close relationships with family, friends, or a significant other is what forms the foundation of your support system during difficult times. However, resentment, residual pain, fear, and stress can often prevent us from maintaining these healthy relationships. Unhealthy relationships with those closest to us can negatively affect our overall mental health. The family and couples therapists at Red Cedar Counseling offer family therapy, marriage counseling, and couples counseling to help restore these unhealthy relationships. Our relationship therapists work to help build a bridge to peaceful, constructive communication between family members and couples without any judgment. 

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Marriage Counseling

Williamston, MI

Is your marriage facing the challenge of poor communication? Are you and your spouse facing difficulties and stressful challenges in life? Have hurtful words and actions damaged your marriage? A healthy marriage works to provide strength and stability to each partner during life’s “ups and downs”. Red Cedar’s marriage counselors understand the complexities of marriage and work with couples to resolve past pains and the problems of broken communication. Married couples not only need a supportive environment but also deserve the loving support that a healthy marriage can provide. If you and your spouse are looking for marriage counseling in the Williamston, MI area, contact Red Cedar Counseling today.

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LGBTQ+ Therapy

Willaimston, MI

Oftentimes, LGBTQ folks can face misunderstanding, or outright disapproving friends and family members. At Red Cedar, we understand the stress this can cause, and are committed to helping LGBTQ+ folks break down barriers to communication with their loved ones in gender affirming therapy. We want to state clearly and openly that our counseling office is a safe space for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. We welcome you to call our office for depression and anxiety counseling, anger management therapy, family therapy, and any and all of our counseling services.

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Child Therapy

Williamston, MI

Children and teens often struggle to communicate difficulties with their parents or guardians. You may see the signs that something isn’t right with your child, but struggle to understand how you can help them. The child therapists at Red Cedar Counseling have experience working with children to help them communicate their emotions and struggles. Each child therapist works to earn the child’s trust and create a safe environment where they feel encouraged to express themselves freely. Once we uncover the issue, our therapists work to help children and teens manage these emotions in a healthy way. Throughout the process, our therapists communicate closely with the parents and guardians to ensure they feel comfortable and confident with trusting our therapists to care for the mental health of their children. Our Williamston, MI child therapists are committed to providing adolescent and child therapy with compassion and understanding. 

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Play Therapy

Williamston, MI

Play therapy focuses on helping young patients navigate emotional and behavior challenges in their lives.  This type of therapy involves observing patients play with different types of toys or games, and encouraging them to play and speak freely. Red Cedar Counseling offers non-directive play therapy. While therapists may gently guide young clients in playing, they do not specify the games or toys they play with.  We prefer to let them choose whichever game or toy catches their eye. This freedom to choose helps children feel more comfortable and open towards speaking with our therapists. Under the guidance of a licensed child therapist, play therapy can help children resolve underlying emotional issues. Our caring play therapy counselors understand that developing minds are learning to process their feelings and often need guidance on how to act on those feelings. To learn more about the child therapy services offered here at Red Cedar Counseling, feel free to call us at any time. 

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Anger Management Therapy

Williamston, MI

Feelings of disappointment, pain, and frustration can cause anger to build up within us. When an individual can’t control these feelings of anger, outbursts of anger can occur and affect their relationships with family, friends, and even employers. Anger management counseling works to uncover the sources of anger and allow an individual to regain control over these feelings. Uncovering the emotional or situational stressors that are causing anger management issues is key to helping an individual live healthier and retain strong relationships. At Red Cedar Counseling, we help individuals to express their anger and frustrations in a healthier way. By identifying the early signs of anger, individuals can control their anger without letting it control them. If you’re looking for anger management therapy in Williamston, MI, give our office a call today.

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Virtual Online Therapy

Williamston, MI

If you live far away from our Okemos, MI office, Red Cedar Counseling can offer you telehealth and online therapy sessions. Telehealth and virtual therapy sessions are a great solution for individuals, couples, and families who are too busy for another commute or simply feel more comfortable speaking with a therapist virtually. Call our office for more information about our online therapy sessions. Please make sure you have a private location without disturbances during your scheduled session. This ensures your privacy, and allows you to get the most out of your session with your counselor.

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PTSD Therapy

Williamston, MI

Trauma is a distressing event(s) in your life which overwhelms your capacity to cope or deal with a situation. This can range from single event like a serious accident, sexual or physical violence, unexpected loss of a loved one or it can involve lower intensity but persistent events which effect your baseline way of perceiving the world and/or yourself. It can also be caused by these events happening to someone close to you or witnessing them happening to someone else. When our capacity to cope is overwhelmed in this way, we have three basic responses to it. We can fight, we can take flight (run) or we can freeze. What response we have depends on personal factors as well as specific details about the event.

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EMDR Therapy

Williamston, MI

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a common treatment choice for individuals struggling with a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one, natural disasters, or surviving assault. Discover how Red Cedar Counseling EMDR therapy can help you heal emotionally. As compassionate, licensed professionals, our counselors can help individuals reprocess hardships and get back to feeling like themselves again. During therapy sessions, patients recall triggering experiences in short doses as the therapist directs their eye movements. The goal is to allow patients to integrate these recollections into their other memories, making traumatic moments more bearable.

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Therapy for Anxiety

Williamston, MI

Anxiety is the body’s natural reaction to stressful situations, like work deadlines, school projects, or relationship problems. Anxiety disorders can cause persistent and excessive distress, even in seemingly light situations. If you experience overwhelming feelings of fear or worry, you may benefit from speaking with one of our compassionate therapists at Red Cedar Counseling. Anxiety disorders can cause persistent and excessive distress, even in seemingly light situations. You might notice a disconnect between your mind and body during episodes, increased heart rate, or even shakiness. These are all very common but very troublesome symptoms that many people experience, and Red Cedar Counseling is committed to helping you overcome anxiety in a way that works for you.

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Therapy for Depression

Williamston, MI

Many people experience difficulties in life that affect their capacity to genuinely appreciate life or even engage in daily activities. These feelings of depression, and even of impending doom, can make navigating through life daunting and scary. It helps to discuss these feelings with a counselor to help overcome the circumstances that are creating obstacles to a healthy and fulfilling life. Depression is one of the most widespread ailments, and people afflicted with depression often face difficulty with knowing where to begin or who to turn to for help. Red Cedar Counseling is committed to helping our community find the resources they need to defeat depression. As compassionate listeners and licensed professionals, our counselors can help you overcome depression and the disruptive symptoms that come with it.

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