Our Services

LGBTQ+ Counseling

At Red Cedar Counseling, we are committed to serving the Lansing, MI LGBTQ+ community. If you’re struggling with sexual or gender identity issues, our counselors are here to help you navigate this time of transition, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Online Therapy

During the current national health pandemic, remote therapy is great for individuals to stay healthy physically and mentally, by receiving the same great counseling support without the risk of being close to other people for an extended period of time.

Anger Management Therapy

Anger management therapy helps individuals to control the way they express anger and frustration by examining the triggers to their anger responses and developing healthy ways to express these strong emotions. Anyone, of any age, can benefit from anger management therapy.

Family Therapy

Every family is different, with their own unique dynamics and challenges. Our counselors focus on improving communication between family members, solving recurring or difficult family problems, and creating a healthier home environment for everyone in the family.

Marriage Counseling

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, and often one of the most challenging. Merging two lives together presents unique challenges with communication that can be difficult to work through alone.

Individual Counseling

We all process difficulties differently, and it helps to speak with a professional counselor to discuss healthy ways to handle emotions and difficult situations. Our clinicians are have helped people with anxiety, depression, and other challenges.