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Are you looking for a therapist in East Lansing, MI? Here at Red Cedar Relationship Counseling, we provide therapy and mental health services to the entire East Lansing, MI area. Our mental health services extend to couples, families, children, and individuals, to help everyone maintain healthy relationships and live healthier lives. Schedule an appointment with one of our therapists in East Lansing, or talk to a therapist virtually from wherever you are.



The counselors at Red Cedar Relationship Counseling provide mental health services to individuals and families of all races, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and any other identities. Our East Lansing therapists are not only compassionate listeners but also help clients create solutions to create lasting, positive changes in their lives. Our office is committed to providing everyone with the mental health services they may need and is proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community along with those struggling with sexual or gender identity issues. Children, adults, singles, and families are all welcome here at our East Lansing, MI mental health clinic. 

THERAPIST in East Lansing MI

If you’re looking for a therapist in East Lansing, MI, contact Red Cedar Relationship Counseling. Our counselors understand that life can be challenging and that each day can bring surprises that you may not be prepared for. Our therapists are available on-site in our Okemos office, located near East Lansing, MI, and also online to provide you with a counseling environment that you feel comfortable in. They’ll also walk with you through unexpected life events, large transitions, and day-to-day stressors so that you don’t have to manage them alone. Our individual counseling sessions help individuals to create practical solutions to these issues with the help of a trained and compassionate therapist. In a safe environment, individuals can talk through emotions, and process them in a healthy way. For those facing depression, anxiety, anger, LGBT identity issues, and ongoing relationship problems with a significant other, friend or family member, Red Cedar counselors are here to help. Red Cedar Counseling is your mental health advocate in East Lansing, MI

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in East Lansing MI

Having strong relationships is the foundation of your support system when you go through difficult times. If you find it difficult to coexist with those closest to you - whether family, friends or a significant other - contact Red Cedar Relationship Counseling to learn more about our family & couples counseling services. When resentment, residual pain, fear, or stress has prevented you from maintaining healthy relationships, you can also be affected negatively in your overall mental health. Red Cedar Relationship Counseling offers family therapy, marriage counseling, and couples counseling to help strengthen relationships and improve an individual’s overall mental health. Our relationship therapists work with both couples and families to listen and discuss healthier methods of communication to build healthy bridges towards peace. Our guiding mission is always to provide non-judgmental therapy for couples and families in the East Lansing, MI area. 

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in East Lansing MI

Are you facing stressful challenges in your marriage or overwhelming marital responsibilities? Are you struggling to communicate well with your spouse or partner? Has your relationship been damaged by hurtful words or actions, and you’re not sure how to heal? Red Cedar’s marriage counselors are well-trained and well-experienced professionals dedicated to helping married and long-time couples heal and move forward in a healthier way. Working with a skilled and compassionate counselor can help you and your spouse to work through the issues from past pains while breaking down communication barriers to create healthier relationship habits. Both you and your spouse need a healthy marriage to provide you with the strength and stability to make it through life’s “ups and downs”. Call Red Cedar Relationship Counseling today to schedule an appointment with one of our marriage counselors in the East Lansing, MI area. 


Children and adolescents often struggle to communicate about their struggles and emotions, but it may be obvious that something is wrong. Red Cedar Relationship Counseling provides adolescent and child therapy in the East Lansing, MI area to help children communicate their emotions in a safe environment while creating healthier and happier decisions. Our child therapists understand how important it is to earn a child’s trust so that they can feel encouraged to open up about sensitive topics. That’s why we create a safe environment built on respect and trust first and then dive deeper into uncovering the issue and processing emotions. Our child therapists also focus on creating practical strategies that can help children and teens manage their emotions in a healthier way, and communicate better with their parents, family members, teachers, and friends. Trusting someone with your child’s mental health can be scary as a parent. That’s why we also communicate closely and consistently with parents and guardians of the child to ensure that they are informed about their child’s progression and any potentially dangerous situations. Our child therapists are committed to providing compassionate and trustworthy adolescent and child therapy in East Lansing, MI. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to talk more about our child counseling services. 


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Anger can be a very strong emotion that stems from deep feelings of disappointment, pain, frustration, and fear. If an individual is struggling to control their anger, it often reflects a deeper emotional issue that needs to be resolved before the anger outbursts can be managed. Anger management counseling from the professionals at Red Cedar Relationship Counseling focuses on uncovering the sources of anger and guiding an individual on how to regain emotional control in their day-to-day life. Violent anger outbursts can seriously damage personal and professional relationships, which is why learning to express anger in a healthier way is so incredibly important. Red Cedar Relationship Counseling helps to identify early signs of anger, develop healthy communication techniques, and offers individuals ways to control anger before anger controls them. If you’re looking for anger management therapy in East Lansing, MI, call our office today. 

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For individuals who live far away from Okemos, MI, Red Cedar Relationship Counseling provides telehealth and virtual therapy. Using virtual methods of communications, our professional counselors provide convenient and comfortable virtual therapy sessions to support individuals in improving their mental health and relationship health. If you’re too busy to travel to an office for counseling, or simply feel more comfortable with counseling sessions online, give Red Cedar Relationship Counseling a call today. We are always happy to offer telehealth for our patients through online or virtual therapy sessions. Call our office for more information. 

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